When your Metro Detroit rental home has quality tenants, your bottom line is healthy and your investment will grow. But this outcome can only be achieved using through skillful marketing – something that not all landlords know well.

At Nelson Property Management, we know that advertising to your target renters gives you the best chance that you’ll attract the best quality ones, ensuring a steady stream of cashflow. Which is why we have put together the following article:

The Need for Effective Rental Advertising

When you’re able to market to a vast number of prospects, you are able to select from a much wider stream of prospects. Allowing you to only pick the best occupant, and when you have this type of renter, you can expect prompt payment and for them to stay for the long-term.

On top of that, your Metro Detroit rental would also be well-maintained since great tenants are more likely take care of your unit. But finding the best tenants begin with proper advertising:

digital marketing

Invest in Great Photography

A series of great photos is one of the best ways to attract people to your property. Generally, listings with pictures have more views compared to those that don’t. So, as a property owner, this is worth noting.

A lot of potential tenants check out homes while scrolling through the photos. So, if you’re intent on your marketing being successful, invest in good photography.

Photography Staging and Prep

Before you take photos, you should stage your property by removing all the clutter and trash in your property. Get rid of items that shouldn’t be there such as personal items like picture frames or cleaning supplies. These things shouldn’t be seen in your marketing photos.

When you’re staging the property, you want to make the prospects feel what it would be like to live in your space. That’s why it’s important to show the appeal of your property and hopefully have your prospects emotionally connect with the property.

Some property owners even hire decorators to make the space more welcoming. What’s vital though, is presenting a dirt-free and clutter-free living space. This shouldn’t be limited to your interiors only but should also be extended outwards.

Photography Lighting

Lighting is another essential element when taking great photos for marketing your Metro Detroit rental. Make sure the area is bright and always maximize natural light. But if the weather is gloomy, you can add more lighting. You want to steer clear of shadowy and blurred photos.

Photography Angles

When you have a clean space, a staged unit, and your lighting is adequate, you can now focus on the angles of your shots. Take photos from a corner to give you maximum vantage perspective.

Focus on including two walls rather than three to open up more space. Make sure that your photos are taken at a natural height since it’s best to avoid artificial shots. You want to promote the best appearance of your Metro Detroit rental.


Photography Shot List

To make it easier for you or the photographer, you can consider preparing a shot list ahead of time. This saves everyone plenty of time and keeps things organized. It also guides the photographers on how they can focus on certain parts of the property.

Here is a rough list of shots you should take:

  • All the bedrooms in the unit
  • All the bathrooms in the unit
  • Numerous shots of the kitchen and appliances
  • Indoor and outdoor dining spaces
  • Living room and family room spaces
  • An outdoor lot such as yard and parking areas
  • Spots that radiate a good ambiance

You can also include shots that allow the viewer to have a picture of the community. You can take outdoor shots. Make sure to have a great camera that can take high-definition snaps. The best photos are clear and crisp.

Write Excellent Copy

When you deliver on the photography aspect of your advertisements, it’s now time to focus on producing outstanding descriptions of your rental. Great copy enhances SEO searchability bringing you more qualified prospects.


Headlines are critical as this is where you grab the attention of your viewers. If your headline is well-constructed, it pushes people to read further. A good formula to follow for an effective headline is:

Rent Price Amount + Number of Bedrooms + Number of Bathrooms + Property Type + Location + Great Selling Point.


Summary Description

When you have worked out the headline, it’s time to focus on writing the summary. This is an essential section as you’ll be creating a narrative to connect your photos and headline. Your text allows the prospect the visualize the idea of living in your rental unit.

This is where you talk about the great amenities or standout features of your Metro Detroit rental. Use descriptive words to tell viewers what the neighborhood offers. If you’re open to welcoming tenants with pets, provide that information. If not, mention that restriction.

Distribute your Ad Effectively

No matter how well-crafted your listing is, if it doesn’t have a wide exposure or doesn’t reach the target renters, it can be a flop. Think where prospective renters are likely to search for vacant Metro Detroit rentals.

You can also advertise offline by using professional yard signs. Say, your possible renters are retirees, you can place ads in newspapers. Not all prospects will be hunting for rentals online. You can opt to distribute flyers at local shops or where a lot of people congregate such as community events.

Bottom Line

Advertising your Metro Detroit rental is a very important part of running a successful rental investment. If you do it right, you can land the right tenants and fast.

If you have any questions regarding advertising or any other aspect of property management such as screening, repairs or property laws, then please contact us at Nelson PM as soon as possible.