Let Us Manage Your Rental Property

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Metro Detroit? If you are, Nelson Property Management may be the best choice for you!

When it comes to your rental property investment, you shouldn’t skimp on spending for a professional property manager. Nelson Property Management is made up of a skilled team that can handle the many tasks associated with managing a property. We have a proven record of helping landlords make the most of their rental properties.

The stress and strain that comes along with conducting all property management-related tasks on your own often doesn’t make sense, especially if you own a multi-unit property. It takes local expertise to fill your property vacancies with qualified renters.

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Another huge benefit of working with an experienced property management company is the access we can provide to top-notch contractors to deal with property issues.

Partnering with us can provide you with freedom and significant savings. We are well-versed in landlord tenant laws and we offer the kind of outstanding customer service that tenants are looking for.

You don’t have to burden yourself with stress. You can put our decades of management experience and knowledge to your advantage. Allow us to serve your marketing, tenant screening, property maintenance, and rent collection needs. We'll ensure the utmost dedication and meticulous care for your rental property.

Nelson Property Management provides stress-free property management services. Let us do all the work for you. You deserve to enjoy the returns from your property investment.

Our Property Management Services

Marketing of Your Rental Property

Why choose Nelson Property Management to reduce your property vacancies?

We have applied customized marketing strategies to a range of different property types in our 30 years of property management experience. We can immediately size up your marketing needs once we inspect your rental unit.

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Marketing is a game of numbers. The wider the pool of prospective tenants you have access to, the more prospects you stand to gain.

Nelson Property Management has that distinct advantage with our built up resources that we've accumulated over the years. We have knowledge, skills, and an excellent team. This means we can fill up your property vacancies quickly!

We'll evaluate the best features of your property, promote your units effectively, and recommend improvements to capture your target market. Save your time and let us do what we do best in this industry.

Tenant Screening Process

Why is Nelson Property Management your best local option when it comes to assessing your prospective tenants?

Discerning the character of applicants is a skill, and our property management team has that skill. We’re able to filter and remove bad applicants simply by checking their applications. A self-managing landlord may be easily swayed due to financial pressure by prospects.

We guarantee that only qualified tenants will be able to step inside your rental property. We'll focus on finding those with excellent credit scores, solid references, stellar tenant histories, and suitable income.

Rent Collection

Why choose Nelson Property Management to collect rental payments from your tenants?

As a property manager for 3 decades, we’ve encountered all types of rent collection situations. We’ve heard every excuse for delays and skipped payments.

We know how to create an efficient rental collection system that really works. We'll work hard to ensure that tenants in your property always pay promptly. After all, they'll be signing the leasing agreements with a clear understanding of all the rent collection-related policies.

What’s more is that Nelson Property Management offers a number of different payment options. Tenants will be able to pay their dues using whatever channel they’re most comfortable with.

Because we offer convenient payment solutions, we have a higher collection percentage compared to the single manual rent collection system self-managing landlords often use.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Why choose Nelson Property Management to supervise property repairs & maintenance?

Having been in the industry for a long time, we’ve seen how rental properties rise in value when properly taken care of. We'll always take care of minor problems right away to prevent them from blowing up to more costly repairs.

property repairs maintenance

We follow strict property maintenance routines. We'll prepare the property prior to tenant move in and also conduct final walkthrough for tenant move out. We'll zero in on property damages and only select the best licensed contractors we’ve worked with for decades to handle repairs. This represents more savings for you.

Detailed Financial Reporting

If you’re a self-managing landlord, your days can easily be spent dealing with tenant requests, marketing empty rental units, chasing rent payments, and screening tenants.

When you're occupied with the day-to-day tasks associated with property management, you don't always have time to deal with organizing your vital paperwork. But Nelson Property Management can make it easier for you.

You’ll have access to an online portal where you can view your statements, profits, and expenses in one go. You'll have access to organized digital financial reports to check simply by logging in.

Why You Should Choose Nelson Property Management

Our local expertise comes from 30 years managing properties around the Michigan area. Can you really rely on new property management firms that haven’t proven their reputation yet? When you choose Nelson, you’ll find our wisdom and knowledge to be invaluable.

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Nelson Property Management has first-rate customer service that’s unsurpassed. We have incorporated texting capabilities services to keep communication lines open.

We offer renter’s liability insurance and a free utility concierge for tenant move ins. We also deliver HVAC filters and maintain a live 24/7 maintenance hotline support. This is priceless for emergency situations. How many other property management firms can say the same? Come and sign up with us!

Areas We Serve

We're proud to provide our esteemed property management services in the areas of:

Clinton Township
Harper Woods
Harrison Township
Macomb Township
Madison Heights
Shelby Township & Utica
St. Clair Shores
Sterling Heights

Our headquarters are located in Fraser, Michigan. Get in touch with our team today by filling out this form or by giving us a call at (586) 294-6800.

We’ll start with an initial assessment for your property with a free rental analysis. After that, we’ll discuss your rental business goals. We can't wait to get started maximizing the success of your rental property.