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Clinton Township has the unique distinction of being the largest township in the state of Michigan, with around 100,000 local residents.

Located approximately 20 miles north of Detroit, the community is home to a diverse population that includes many blue collar workers and working professionals who commute to other areas of Macomb County. While Clinton Township's affordable housing options is one of its draws, it also is home to several upscale neighborhoods with sprawling multimillion dollar estates.

The township has expanded greatly over the past few decades, with many new residents arriving and extensive development taking place across the region. This pattern can be observed across southeastern Michigan.

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Investing in Local Real Estate

If you're considering purchasing rental homes in Clinton Township, it's important to develop a comprehensive strategy for getting the most out of your investment. From finding qualified tenants to handling maintenance requests and monthly billing needs, owning a Clinton Township rental comes with plenty of responsibilities. Some homeowners try to tackle their property needs solo, only to find the workload is simply too great; others struggle with poor financial results after making ill advised management decisions.

You can easily avoid these problems by partnering with a professional Michigan property management group. At Nelson Property Management, we strive to offer our Macomb County clients the best possible service. We don't simply apply a one-size-fits-all equation to your home. Instead, we'll work with you to target potential areas of improvement, all while ensuring your home meets your unique goals.

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Discover Our Services

Property Marketing

Get the right renter for your property, faster than ever before. Our marketing experts handle advertising and promotions, maximizing your property's exposure.

Tenant Screening

Every application we receive is subjected to strict screening standards, with background and financial checks designed to keep you protected.

Rent Collection

We handle all monthly billing on your behalf, follow up with late tenants, and disburse your earnings via direct deposit. Sit back and reap the financial rewards of your rental.


Say goodbye to weekends lost handling maintenance chores. We process incoming requests & coordinate quickly to get maintenance problems resolved.

Property Inspections

Our team schedules frequent property inspections. During these visits, we check to make sure tenants are respecting the terms of the lease and your home is in good shape.

Financial Reporting

Carefully scrutinize your recent performance, thanks to detailed financial reports. All statements are accessible in the digital account portal, 24/7.


If you get stuck with a bad tenant, don't despair. We'll walk you through the eviction process and keep you legally compliant. When it's all over, we'll find a qualified new tenant.

Legal Guidance

Have questions about insurance, HOA requirements, or fair housing guidelines? Our team works to keep you on the right track and limits your financial liability.

Why Choose Nelson Property Management?

We Focus on Quality Customer Service

Working with a property manager should solve problems, not create them. At Nelson PM, we aim to provide the best customer service for homeowners in Macomb and Oakland counties. Our team is friendly, accessible, and always eager to help you resolve your rental challenges.

Renters Love Our Helpful Staff

Keeping our clients needs in check is one of our top priorities, but we also focus on maintaining tenant satisfaction. Happy renters take better care of their properties and are more likely to stay put at the end of the lease. Lower turnover rates equal more dollars back in your pocket.

Powerful Tech Tools Keep Us Operating Smoothly

We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to interact with our team, which is why we offer digital account portals for getting in touch or reviewing financial statements, all at the click of a mouse. We also process maintenance requests online, cutting down on how long it takes us to respond to tenants.

You Can Trust Our Local Experience

Your property deserves the best possible results and we're committed to obtaining them for you. We've already helped countless property owners in eastern Michigan to maximize the value of their property investments. Isn't it time you joined that club?

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About Clinton Township, MI

Living in Clinton Township comes with plenty of advantages. The community's close proximity to Detroit naturally appeals to many would-be residents, while the diverse assortment of businesses operating across Macomb County provide plentiful work opportunities. In spite of its burgeoning population, Clinton Township retains a certain small town charm, with many independent retailers and small businesses, as well as quaint public parks and safe neighborhoods. The township also sponsors numerous community events throughout the year.

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