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Looking for a property management company for your Ferndale rental properties? Well, your search has come to an end!

Nelson Property Management is a locally owned company that has had a stellar reputation in the area over the last few decades. As the premier property company, countless landlords have relied on us to handle all their property needs and issues. Whether it’s property management, brokerage, or investment consultancy, we are the professionals to rely on.

Nelson Property Management has been providing quality property management services to landlords in Macomb and Oakland County for many years. As promising as real estate investing can be in areas like Oakland County, Macomb and Ferndale, management is one task that many real estate investors overlook on the road to their financial success. However, it has a big impact on the viability of your Ferndale investment property.

To increase your return on investment and have your property maintained in good condition, contact the specialized team at Nelson Property Management! We’d be happy to speak to you about any questions you may have.

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Our Property Management Services

At Neslon Property Management, we will handle all issues and tasks that pertain to your investment property. We’ve highlighted some of the services that are key to the profitability of your investment in Ferndale:

Lease Preparation, Administration & Move In

The lease is a contractual and legal document that binds both the tenant and landlord. It must clearly delineate the obligations and responsibilities of both parties and involve consequences if any of its clauses are contravened. Due to landlord-tenant laws, your lease must follow the terms outlined in the rental agreement. When we manage your property, we'll make sure all the guidelines are clear and concise.

managing your ferndale property

Before tenant move in, we insist on conducting a move-in inspection. We make use of a pre-determined list that allows us to take note of the condition of the utilities and fittings. The tenant will receive a copy of the report and be requested to sign it. Our team encourages the tenant to also take photos of the condition of the unit/house.

This is important when the tenant wants to move out and your unit goes back on the rental market. We will be able to evaluate and cost any damages at the time. This will allow us to appropriately treat the issue of the security deposit. From our experience, this has always been a bone of contention that must be treated with the utmost care.

Tenant Screening and Selection

In the leasing process, thorough tenant screening and selection is vital. Not only does it protect you as the landlord, but it also protects your neighbors and the local community. By screening prospective tenants, you are reducing the your rental ptoperties' risk of damages and conflicts significantly, thus keeping it's market value up.

You’ll only want to rent your property to qualified tenants who pays their dues on time, can maintain your property to a reasonable condition, and can get along well with the neighbors.

We look into many aspects when we screen prospective tenants for property owners, such as landlord references, rental history, background checks, and personal interviews. Nelson Property Management is able to find high-grade quality tenants to move into your rental properties. Additionally, all interviews will be conducted in adherence to Fair Housing Guidelines.

Rent Collection

Rent collection is vital to the viability of your investment in Ferndale real estate, whether you're investing in single family homes or other kinds of rentals. It’s from the collection of rent that you will be able to pay off the mortgage, build your portfolio, plan for retirement, or even make a living.

collecting ferndale rent

The team at Nelson Property Management acknowledges the significance of rent collection. Tenants will receive prompt reminders of rent deadlines. We make use of convenient payment options that allow your tenants to easily pay their rent and other dues. In case of any late/unpaid rent, we will professionally and firmly enforce the penalties.

Property Maintenance and Inspections

Every property, even one that was recently constructed, needs a preventative maintenance schedule. Once you hand over your property to us, our team will create a schedule by taking into consideration the age of your property, the number of tenants, and the services/amenities available.

Your tenants can make a request for services early in the morning or late at night. Regardless of the time, our team will respond promptly to all requests and ensure the matter is handled in the shortest time possible.

Nelson Property Management makes use of a list of pre-approved and experienced service providers. You can be assured that your property will be handled with the utmost care. In addition, their services are charged at competitive market prices, making them more affordable.


No one looks forward to the eviction of a tenant, but it is a necessary service. Your property is your long-term investment and a tenant who doesn’t adhere to the lease’s provisions shouldn’t jeopardize that. Nelson Property Management will handle the eviction process in a professional and legal manner.

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About Ferndale, MI

Like most parts of Michigan, Ferndale was occupied by Native Americans before the arrival of the European settlers. The name Michigan is derived from the word “mishigami” which can be translated to mean “large waters.” This is, of course, referring to the Great Lakes.

Encouraged by the fertile soils and climate, the early settlers began cultivating the land. While the population of Ferndale grew, it did at a snail’s pace. It was until the establishment of automotive plants and assembly lines in the area that the area’s population increased exponentially to be the bustling city it is today.

Due to its proximity to Detroit (the bigger city is some twenty minutes away) and its higher quality of life, Ferndale is the place of residence for many Detriot workers. Families have found the city to be the ideal place to raise their kids with its community feel, beautiful parks, and a lower cost of living.

Education is another attraction for families to consider Ferndale over Detroit. The city is served by two school districts: Ferndale Public Schools and Hazel Park Schools. Some of the noteworthy mentions include Ferndale High School and Ferndale University High School.

Source: Wikipedia

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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