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For you to meet your personal investment needs, your rental property needs to be handled by the best. Call on the experts at Nelson Property Management!

Nelson Property Management has over 30 years of experience offering property management and brokerage services in the Metro Detroit area. We are represented by a dedicated and committed team, and each member of our staff is experienced, professional, and has the industry knowledge to offer quality services to our clients.

Say goodbye to tenant calls and requests at the earliest hours of the morning and to the stress and frustration of dealing with second-rate contractors and handymen. You can enjoy all the benefits of property leasing with the premier Fraser property management company as your partner!

To complement our services, we make use of the latest technology in the industry. Our landlords are able to access information on their properties using our digital account portal so they can stay fully in the loop with how their property is faring. Contact us today to learn more!

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Our Property Management Services

As a leading property management company in Fraser, we offer a wide range of property management services:

Lease Preparation and Administration

It’s the lease agreement that establishes the landlord-tenant relationship. The lease agreement is a legally binding contract containing the rights and responsibilities of each party that must be adhered to over the course of the lease. The agreement must also comply with the provisions of local, state, and federal law.

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Nelson Property Management can prepare a detailed rental agreement, complying with all legal requirements with your best interests in mind. Furthermore, we will ensure that the lease agreement is signed before the tenant moves into the space. This protects you from any unforeseen legal ramifications.

Inspections and Property Maintenance

The professional team at Nelson Property Management acknowledges that the needs for each property are unique. This also applies to property maintenance and repair. Each property in our portfolio has a unique inspection schedule taking into consideration its specific needs. In addition, regular inspections allow for us to check whether the terms of the lease agreement are being followed.

From our thorough inspections, we are able to keep your property well-maintained all year long. Minor defects are handled by our in-house maintenance team while more serious repairs, such as to your HVAC, plumbing, or boiler system, have a team of vetted and approved local professionals ready to help.

A well-maintained rental property is vital for having long-term tenants. In addition, tenants will feel appreciated and valued when all repairs are handled in such a timely and comprehensive manner.

Tenant Screening

If you want to protect your real estate investment in Fraser, it’s recommended that you have a comprehensive tenant screening process. Each and every potential renter must be screened as they have the potential of making or breaking your investment. What you are looking for is a high-quality tenant who is able to pay their rent on time, maintain the property in a reasonable manner, and comply with the lease agreement.

fraser tenant screening services

Many landlords don’t have the network to perform a thorough screening service. Rely on the professionals from Nelson Property Management. Our screening process includes criminal background, sex offender, rental history, credit history, and employment checks. Furthermore, our tenant screening process adheres to the provisions of the Fair Housing Laws.

The process provides our team with valuable information and insight on the type of tenant we are dealing with. We guarantee to only place the best tenant that Fraser can offer in your premises.

Rent Collection

It’s through the prompt and full collection of rent that you can succeed with your investment in Fraser rental property. Nelson Property Management is the professional service provider to rely on to guarantee that every cent owed to you is collected.

We have set up multiple convenient online payment solutions for your tenants to take advantage of. With their approval, our team can establish automatic payments that reduce the possibility of late payments.

In case of any late payments, rely on our strict and professional team to enforce the terms of the lease agreement.


While we take great pride in our comprehensive tenant screening process, it’s impossible to completely remove the risk of a problem tenant. Such a tenant may break the terms of the lease in one form or another. In most cases, a sit-down with the tenant is more than enough. However, there are times when the issue needs to be escalated.

evict fraser tenant

Eviction of a tenant needs to comply with the laws of the state. This is the only way the eviction will be considered legal. The property experts at Nelson Property Management will ensure that these laws are followed to the letter, from the filing of the notice to the coordination with law enforcement agencies.

You have nothing to be afraid of with us as your property partner. Rest assured that your property is in the safest hands in Fraser!

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About Fraser, Michigan

Fraser is situated in the outskirts of Detroit and in Macomb County. For the longest time, Fraser remained a dot on the map as the main focus remained on its larger neighbor. However, since the 1940s, the population has boomed and Fraser has become recognized as an affluent neighborhood.

One significant segment of the Detroit demographic who yearn to live in Fraser is young couples and families. This city offers a family-friendly community, ideal for raising kids.

The presence of quality schools in the area is yet another reason why families love to live in Fraser. The area is served by the Fraser Public Schools District. The Fraser High School, Richards Middle School, and the Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School are some of the worthwhile mentions.

Fraser is known for its parks and green spaces. In fact, residents have nine major parks to choose from! The parks are where residents come to while the weekend away, enjoy a game of basketball, and enjoy the scenery.

Source: Wikipedia

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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