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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Mt. Clemens, Mi?

If you are, then consider Nelson Property Management!

Based in Fraser, Michigan, we have almost 3 decades of experience serving our clients’ needs in different Michigan areas. We can be relied on to market your vacant Mt. Clemens property, reducing your stress and prolonged maintenance expenses.

We help usher in high-quality tenants that we screen extensively. You get to enjoy steady monthly returns and be reassured of fewer property damages in your Mt. Clemens rental home.

Aside from that, we are hands-on and meticulous in terms of property maintenance since you deserve the best treatment as a valued client. We let our solid experience and variety of property management skills work to your advantage. We have foolproof systems that make your Mt. Clemens rental operation runs smoothly.

Come and try our professional property management! Call us today at (586) 204 1855. We look forward to serving your Mt Clemens’ rental business needs, and we can start with a free rental analysis!

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Our Property Management Services

Our aim is to fully satisfy our customers in terms of finding the best renters for their real estate investments. Whether you need marketing assistance, tenant screening, rent collection or property maintenance services, we work with you 100%. Your financial goals become our own as we strive to meet them for your Mt. Clemens rental property.

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Here are benefits you get to enjoy when you pick Nelson Property Management:

1. Strategic Marketing of Your Rental Property

In terms of marketing experience, Nelson Property Management has 30 years of time over the competition. This means we know how to seriously read the market, such as picking the right demographics for the available amenities and features of your Mt. Clemens rental home.

We know what marketing strategies to apply toward the specific target market, and we use the right marketing tools where the listing will be visible. We utilize our multiple resources so your vacant unit will no longer be a cause for stress. Instead, it will generate passive income and increase your financial gains.

2. Detailed Tenant Screening Process

Some rental property management companies will not be concerned over the type of renters living in your Mt. Clemens rental home. All they’ll focus on is getting it off the market right away. Nelson Property Management takes a different approach and cares about placing good tenants in your rental.

We collect information to ensure we’re placing responsible people. We look at financial responsibility by sifting through credit scores and eviction reports. Employment will also be considered as we want to avoid non-payment of the rent. Moreover, we review the rental background to check if a tenant will be dependable.

3. Systematic Rent Collection

Systems are important, especially if you have several rental units. It’s a waste of time to keep chasing rent payments and reminding your tenants to pay. We choose a more efficient approach by using technology at our convenience. We create the best environment for prompt payment.

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Our leasing agreements are clear and direct, emphasizing consequences. It acts as a guide for renters to pay their rent on time. If evictions occur, we handle the entire procedure legally and respectfully for your peace of mind.

4. Responsive Property Repairs & Maintenance

No matter how great your tenants are, if you’re not focused on maintaining your Mt. Clemens property, it can be tough to retain them long-term. Nelson Property Management has more than enough professionals to keep your rental home in top shape.

We check for the slightest sign of leaks and ensure that damages are fixed quickly. Costs won’t soar because we do our best to practice preventive maintenance. Your rental unit will always be habitable and remain compliant with building safety codes and health requirements.

For emergencies, you can count on Nelson Property Management to be attentive and resolve property issues. You don’t have to deal with urgent situations on your own. Even if you’re out-of-state, you’ll remain reassured that we handle the case in a professional manner.

We also work with a reliable network that produces top-level results when it comes to property repair and home renovation projects. Best of all, they provide discounted rates which you’ll also enjoy as our client!

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Great entrepreneurs always stay updated with the performance of their businesses. We make this easy for you as a rental owner by keeping your financial records well-organized. We apply systems and use technology as well for greater efficiency.

mt clemens rental property management

Our online portal is where you can easily monitor the rental by checking monthly statements, profits, and expenses. These financial reports make it easy for you to gauge your ROI. No matter the time of day, you can always log in.

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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About Mt. Clemens, Michigan

Mt. Clemens is the county seat of Macomb County. It was named after a settler, Christian Clemens in 1818. Mt. Clemens’ largest industry was tourism for more than a century due to being a mineral bath destination. Famous celebrities frequently visited here such as Clark Gable, Mae West and Babe Ruth.

Residents enjoy the small town appeal of Mt Clemens since it has a warm community. Serene living is recognized here, so it’s an ideal location to raise a family. There’s a sense of safety and the cost of living is affordable. Schools are also well-rated here and accessible so parents will not worry about available education options in the area.

Here are interesting places to visit in Mt. Clemens, Michigan:

  • Crocker House Museum
  • The Mall at Partridge Creek
  • Anton Art Center
  • Michigan Transit Museum
  • The Discovery Center of Macomb
  • George George Memorial Park
  • Emagine Theater
  • Macomb Center for the Performing Arts
  • Macomb Mall
  • CJ Barrymore’s Amusement Park

Source: Wikipedia

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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